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i'm comforted knowing that after obscene goods are spread, the inside cleaner will be waiting patiently.
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now i know how to become a woman of "the etiquette."


May. 14th, 2009 11:52 am
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awkward family photos is full of wonder, but this picture, undoubtedly, takes the cake.


Dec. 12th, 2008 11:26 am
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an old friend-of-a-friend found me on facebook. i've always knew that she'd marry the first man who proposed; she'd date any man who exhibited interest for a few months and by the third week of dating she'd begin soliciting her friends opinions on whether he'd propose in the near future. eventually the guy would ditch her and a week later she'd be doing the same dance with a different guy. finally she got engaged to a guy she was at best lukewarm about. she "liked" him and all, but she "liked" every guy who offered the potentiality of a ring for her finger. we lost touch [read: i couldn't stand her anymore] shortly after her engagement.

fast forward 5 years. she's a married, suburb-ed, fat, and bored housewife. after a couple exchanged messages about our families, she basically sent me a message saying that i don't have to fake happiness and she wishes i would just admit that i'm miserable as well... umm...

so because she's an epitome of an idiotic russian satan islander who fucked herself in order to have her life mimic her warped idea of where she should be by 30, i have to join her in her misery? sorry, in terms of my family, i never wish i was anywhere but exactly where i am. i don't mind if she shares her unhappiness with me, i saw it coming years ago, but i don't appreciate this comradeship she's trying to establish, and i really don't appreciate the not so subtle implication that i'm lying.

i'm debating between ignoring her or sending her a bitchy response.

[eta: scratch this] unrelated:
can someone help me out by picking up a pair of girly ML woollybottoms (if they stock)? i think they'll go on sale at 3:15pm. my wireless is too slow for me to score anything and elly expressed interest in a pair of footies for the holidays. i'll PP you back right away. please.


Sep. 27th, 2008 08:42 am
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last night i made chana masala for dinner. pretty good for a first attempt but i really need a mortar and pestle. grinding coriander with the back of a knife sharpener does not a pestle make. i kept chewing through whole coriander seeds.

after putting elly to bed, i watched the presidential debates and drank a beer with my dinner. a 24oz sierra nevada. in the next 2 hours i also had a glass of champagne. 3 alcoholic units spread over 3.5 hours. i'd pass a breathalyser if i was driving.

so why did i spend most of the night puking? in between breaks from puking, i think i bothered [livejournal.com profile] so_sporktastic and sashi on gtalk. i have no idea what i said but i'm sure it made no sense. i kept trying to go to bed but every time i was horizontal i'd get back up to go vomit.

elly woke up at her usual ungodly hour of 6:30am. i feel like i was run over by a truck. now she's watching baby einstein and baby's first signs* while i work my way through 2 liters of water and a cup of coffee to curb the nausea.

huxley needs to go for a walk.
it's wet, cold, and grey out.

*kiss them, hug them, love them, i really love my shoes/socks/coat/hat? bizarre.


Jul. 16th, 2008 12:00 pm
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backstory: right before i met ian, i had a fling with this guy, d. it was very brief, not at all serious, and i cut it off after i met ian.

the last time i saw him was back in september of '06. he picked me up, we went for a drive, i told him i met someone, he dropped me off.

the last time i heard from him was in december of '06. he text me to see if i was still involved with ian. i told him i was and kindly asked him not to contact me again. the end. haven't heard from him since.

last night i get a text from a # i don't recognize.
"hi isana". "who is this?" - i respond. "it's d. are you married yet?".

a. why in the world would you contact somebody after almost 2 years of not seeing them? [especially considering how insignificant your relationship was]

b. i have no idea if i should respond or just ignore his text.



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