Feb. 27th, 2009 12:31 pm
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without much context, i dreamt about placentas last night.

why do so many people, men and women alike, find the human placenta to be disgusting? i've never heard anyone call other vascular organs "disgusting". is it lack of exposure? do some people automatically find innards to be "gross"?

i'd be hard-pressed to get into placentophagy, but looking at it doesn't disgust me in the least. such an incredible organ.
look at it. get used to the sight of it. maybe it won't be "gross" anymore.

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this semester i'm doing my observation hours in the same high school i went to over a decade ago. when the AP of english asked me if i needed a tour of the school in order to get around, i told her i know my way around pretty well since i went to ft. hamilton. she asked me what year i graduated. i didn't think it was appropriate to tell her i'm a high school drop-out when she had 3 students in the office listening in on our conversation. on my way to observe a sophomore english class, it really struck me for the first time -- i'm a high school drop-out doing an MA program in secondary education. how did i get here?

on a different note, in one of my classrooms there are student made posters taped to the walls. the project must have been something along the lines of "pick a high school clique and make a poster illustrating all the stereotypes associated with that clique". goths, cheerleaders, jocks, skaters, and average girls are some of the groups the students picked.

the cheerleaders poster is my favorite. some of the character traits picked for cheerleaders are: "love pink", "stupid", "date jocks", "nice butts", "love brand name clothing", and "sluts".

i'm sure that after these posters were made there was a discussion about stereotypes. what i don't understand however is why these posters are proudly displayed on the wall. taken out of context all they are saying is that cheerleaders are dumb sluts with nice asses. what's next? perhaps a poster for jews stating they are all greedy? maybe one for blacks illustrating their love for watermelon?
anything will go up on a wall.

in a different classroom there's a bulletin board adorned with student poetry. the number of "their are" and other general spelling/grammar mistakes is abundant.

it really saddens me to see crap like this on display. the expectations set by teachers are so low that simply doing your work will earn you a gold star. who gives a damn about quality.


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