May. 9th, 2009 11:30 am
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may 9th, 2009. 95/365.

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i was recently telling ian that the odor reminds me of how i smelled when i was taking fenugreek to boost lactation.

maple syrup odor mystery solved


Jan. 28th, 2009 07:42 pm
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the sun sets on old devil moon

no more tofu scramble to ease a sunday hangover. no more late scorching summer nights spent under christmas lights with no air-conditioning, a beer, and the best key-lime pie in town. no more cajun nachos. another place with many happy memories -- gone.

now i'm awaiting the day black betty closes.
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*eloise and i rock out to this song daily: eloise
barry ryan -- your hairdo inspires awe and admiration! WE LOVE YOU!

*tonight is my last class. i'll be teaching a 10 minute slice out a conceptual unit i designed for a secondary education ELA class. wish i had a zanex to assist me. instead i had 2 cups of strong coffee and am now buzzing like a live wire.

*what happened to snow in las vegas and 62 degrees in nyc? yesterday was a gorgeous unseasonably warm day, today is cold and grey. i'd think i have SAD but it's nyc winters that do me in. cold, snowy, calm winter days don't depress me at all. still, i wonder if we should delete alaska and minnesota off our potential places to relocate to list.

*after tonight's class, i'll have my brain to myself again. i'll have one last final on monday but i'm not all that worried about it. ah, so much free time to contemplate deep and profound things such as what i'll be making for dinner that night, how to get ian to wash huxley for me, where to find a 50s dress for the NYE party, and how many times i can get laid on any given day.

*holiday gift list thus far:
under here )

*still can't.stop.listening.to.death vessel.

*i need to find the delicate balance in sympathizing with someone's situation without absorbing it like a wet sponge.


Jul. 22nd, 2008 01:09 am
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for the zillionth time, today i was reminded of my inability to connect with the majority of the human race. oddly, this reminder was served by 5 different strangers who decided to strike up convesation[s?] with me. trains, streets, stores, parks -- hello! wheredidyougtyourshoes yourbabyisbeautiful doyouhavealight it'sawfullyhotout isthatanambernecklace. they make small talk appear effortless, enjoyable even, while i'm either struggling for words or planning my get-away. ugh. the upside is that rare conversation that falls right into place. i love it.

my feet are killing me from walking downtown from 34th street. anything to avoid a rush hour subway station. that aside, elly and i had a long, fun, busy day.

ian and i had a fight. sometimes i want to pack my bags and leave. i always end up feeling dirty when i blog about any negativity in our relationship, so i never bother.

my eye is twitching. i'm not going to buy a pack of smokes. i'm not going to buy a pack of smokes. maybe i am . it's that kind of night.


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