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when i heard that one of my favorite musicians [amanda palmer] in collaboration with her former high school drama teacher and his current students are putting together a play inspired by one of the best albums of all time [neutral milk hotel's "in the aeroplane over the sea"], all with a strange and unpredictable variable [high school play] thrown in, holy shit, i wanted to drive to MA to see it. that wasn't going to happen with the load of work i have during the last week of class, but i just found out that tonight's performance will be broadcast on the internet @ 7:30pm!


Aug. 9th, 2008 04:14 am
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accidentally, we walked 4 miles away from pier 11 where the ferry was leaving from and thus saved $46 between the 2 of us by catching a different ferry to liberty state park then sneaking onto the "official" one on our way back. somewhere along our 4 mile walk, my back gave out.

we got to the festival right around the time andrew bird's set started. and it was incredible. as much as i enjoy his studio albums, the live show far exceeds them. beautiful.

radiohead was everything i expected and more. despite debating on selling my body/soul for a sweatshirt, back pain spasms, and standing quite a distance from the stage, the 2 hour set flew by too quick. i desperately wanted to hear "just" and was shocked happy when they played it during the encore. ahhhhhhhhhhh!

words tend to fail me when it comes to describing sound, so i digress.

radiohead 8.8.08 setlist + a few pictures) )
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liam lynch is made of goofy-funny.

alla and i are meeting at all points west festival in a couple hours. alla bought me a ticket as an early birthday present and while crowded outdoor festivals aren't my favorite, andrew bird and radiohead -- YEA.


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