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 may 10th, 2009. 96/365.
+ lush from the UK coop arrived!

- today was horrible.

- i'm exhausted and skipping w4d3 of c25k today. will do it tomorrow. week 5 will be killer.

- when i come back from my run i'll work on a final paper for my biblical & classical backgrounds lit class. it's only 4 pages/2 sources but it's one of the more challenging papers i have to write because i have almost no background knowledge on the subject. i never took a classical or biblical lit class. i never read milton or dante or virgil or homer and never before did i have to examine lit from a biblical or classical perspective. my professor is an interesting man, passionately well-versed in the subject area; unfortunately, this is a high level english course and, perhaps justifiably, he expects students in the class to have a solid foundation to base their written work on. he doesn't teach, he guides. this class pokes directly at my weak spot -- anything written pre-19th century [shakespeare is an exception]. i feel compelled to justify myself, to scream that this is not my area of expertise, that i know far more about realism, romantiscism, naturalism, modernism, ---ism, but really, what an enormous weak spot it is.

- final assessment projects due tuesday. 18 page paper due on wednesday.

+ i'm not taking summer courses. 3 months of brain freedom coming up. perhaps i'll dabble into classics in my spare time.

+ my daughter is pure joy.


Dec. 22nd, 2008 09:29 am
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it's 9:40am, it's probably not getting much warmer out, and i have a final tonight. i really need to gather the motivation to go out there and finish christmas shopping for ian's family.

my brother gets a hat full of douche points for saying he'll help me out today, but not picking up the phone when i call to wake him up. i don't know why i ever expect him to stick to any plan we make if that plan is before 6pm. actually... i'm the one who gets the douche points. only an idiot will have something happen a zillion times and think it'll be different next time round.

shower time.
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*eloise and i rock out to this song daily: eloise
barry ryan -- your hairdo inspires awe and admiration! WE LOVE YOU!

*tonight is my last class. i'll be teaching a 10 minute slice out a conceptual unit i designed for a secondary education ELA class. wish i had a zanex to assist me. instead i had 2 cups of strong coffee and am now buzzing like a live wire.

*what happened to snow in las vegas and 62 degrees in nyc? yesterday was a gorgeous unseasonably warm day, today is cold and grey. i'd think i have SAD but it's nyc winters that do me in. cold, snowy, calm winter days don't depress me at all. still, i wonder if we should delete alaska and minnesota off our potential places to relocate to list.

*after tonight's class, i'll have my brain to myself again. i'll have one last final on monday but i'm not all that worried about it. ah, so much free time to contemplate deep and profound things such as what i'll be making for dinner that night, how to get ian to wash huxley for me, where to find a 50s dress for the NYE party, and how many times i can get laid on any given day.

*holiday gift list thus far:
under here )

*still can't.stop.listening.to.death vessel.

*i need to find the delicate balance in sympathizing with someone's situation without absorbing it like a wet sponge.


Dec. 13th, 2008 11:52 pm
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this morning: eloise was in bed with us watching iggle piggle on my macbook. ian was half asleep.
me - "eloise, you've only been up for 15 minutes and you've already seen 7 birds!" ian [as he turns onto his other side, eyes still closed] - "yes eloise, your bird to waking hour ratio is incredibly high." ha.

this afternoon: we put up a christmas tree, decorated it, and were standing back admiring our work when the damn thing suddenly toppled over. three ornaments broke - one store bought generic one and two handmade ones ian and i painted for eloise last year. we agreed then that we'll keep making 2 ornaments a year for her, one from me and one from him, as a little family tradition.

seeing the broken glass on the floor really killed my mood. we bought a new stand and redid the tree. it looks pretty... yet all i see is the 2 empty branches. i keep thinking up symbolism that doesn't exist, wallowing in harsh predictions. ian keeps asking me to tune down the crazy.

sleep now.


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