May. 14th, 2009 11:59 pm
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may 11th, 2009. 97/365.
erica, huxley, and elly's butt.

may 12th, 2009. 98/365.

tablecloth @ kettle. i want these shoes!

may 13th, 2009. 99/365.
my hated phone which constantly freezes and can't keep date/time straight. today it was june 16th, 2020 for 3 hours.

may 14th, 2009. 100/365.

late night peace.



Feb. 5th, 2009 12:34 pm
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we are moved and [mostly] unpacked. the move wasn't bad at all -- ian, sashi, kevin, and lee moved everything in about 4 hours. best part: u-haul rental + gas = $66. we moved an entire household with some men-force and $66. i'm pretty proud of us for saving a few hundred dollars on movers.

now the only things left to do are organizing the hallway closet, sorting through some random odds & ends, and hanging up the curtain that'll be our bedroom door. we already bought all the hardware, the fabric, and are waiting for erica to put her sewing machine to good use. i can't wait. privacy! sex!

sprout is finally back home after nearly a week with my parentals. i'd volunteer myself for a lobotomy if i had to spend a week with my psychomom. when they dropped her off yesterday poor kid was wearing a onesie, a turtleneck, a sweater, a warm winter coat, cotton tights, jeans, fur-lined booties, a hat, and the jacket hood inside a 60 degree car. she was covered in sweat, her hair soaking wet. my mother also suggested i don't take her outside because it's 20 degrees. not -20, but 20. yea. ok.

i'm gonna make us israeli couscous with shallots and raisins for lunch, then sprout will nap while i watch the new episode of the l word. this might sound like a dull afternoon but there's nothing i'd rather do.

homework can wait.
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ian is sleeping with huxley at his feet. eloise is watching baby einstein's neighborhood animals. i'm about to make some coffee. perhaps we'll walk to panantico and pick up a few bagels.

the only words out of elly's mouth lately are -- "dooda" [this refers to the process of someone lifting her up so that she could touch a piece of artwork on the wall] and "no!" everything is no. no no no. if she wasn't cute, i'd put her up for adoption.

mmmmm, pasta sauce.

the yarn from the purewool coop is here.

the green/mauve/whitish one will soon become a longies/hat set.

later today eloise is getting dropped off at my parent's house. i have a 3:30 haircut appointment in mothereffin'williamsburg. while i'm somewhat ashamed to admit me that i go to the depth of hipster hell to cut my hair, lilypad is the only salon i know of that is affordable, consistent, and glam-free.

kristina's surprise birthday party is tonight. it appears she has no clue of what's coming. i'd probably loose my shit if anyone ever did this to me, kristina however, she will love it. when ian and i were in providence, we browsed through a seconds and oversells book store. it was there that i saw thrift store paintings and said to ian, "we have to get this for kristina!" we didn't, but once this party thing started taking shape, i kept thinking back and wishing i bought the book. i looked for it on-line and couldn't find a single new copy under $50. weeks after we came back, i called the store in providence to see if they still had it in stock. they did and i had it mailed to me for $28, shipping included. it's a perfect present for k.

in other random bits of info -- ian set up an an etsy shop. i think he's a brilliant artist but this is like selling umbrellas to a fish. actually that's a really bad analogy. it's nothing like that. i can't think of a better one though. it's like selling a pair of socks to a centipede? i've been try to convince him to have a neighborhood art"gallery" opening in our apartment.

speaking of our apartment, we got our lease renewal. first and foremost, they're raising our rent 6%. we are a rent controlled apartment in a coop building. the most they can raise us is 4.25%. i'll call them on monday, but we are done here regardless. we need to move out of this crazy building [and we need a second bedroom]. out by february 1st.

finally, chinese democracy. it's so over the top i can't help but like it. most entertaining review* -- reviewing chinese democracy is like reviewing a unicorn

*although i disagree with the final grade and would lower it down to a B.
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Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about -- it can be anything from my favorite shirt to my cell phone to the back of my head. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ian talked me into staying in this halloween. his lack of desire to be around large groups of people puts mine to shame. we are staying in this NYE as well as we agreed to alternate stay in/go out every year. my costume idea from july '08 will have to wait until '09. now i won't have an excuse not to do it.

i made a garlic pizza and a whiskey sour, and there are a couple horrible 80's horror movies on. secretly, i'm happy to be home.


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