May. 16th, 2009 11:07 pm
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may 16th, 2009. 102/365.
my father's 60th bday party.
my cousin's dickface husband, my cousin, and another cousin's fiance who wore this S&M leather top and was spilling out all over the place. her get-up was completely inappropriate for a family party and i really like that she didn't give a rat's ass. the whole affair was an unexpected good time full of mingling and copius food and drink.

there was a low point [of course!] when drunk dad and i butted heads, but i'm working on forgive & forget when it comes to our relationship. he is who he is and he isn't going to change.
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i didn't feel like going to ally's party last night. instead, i sat at home listening to 3 songs over and over again and drinking erica's plum wine. around midnight, adge text me saying they are still at the tea lounge and i *need* to get my derriere down there. i did. 3.5 hours late but no one cared.

caught up with friends i haven't seen in many moons, broke a sweat on the dance floor, ate a cheeseburger at 4am at emphasis, and took this horrible picture:

february 27th, 2009. 23/365.
ally's 30th birthday @ the tea lounge.
february 27th, 2009

donna took eloise for the weekend because she hasn't seen her since christmas. i really need to utilize the remainder of the weekend to catch up on school work.
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i felt very out of place at kris' party even though i knew, closely or peripherally, almost every person there. it's odd to find yourself in the same room with 20 people you know and struggle for words nonetheless. it's odd to think that in spring/summer '06, when the shrink i was seeing at that time pumped me full of SSRIs and anti-anxiety meds, i felt at ease with everyone, friend or stranger. i met more people in those 6 months than i did in the entire decade prior.

i had a beer and 3 vodka cocktails, all over the span of 6 hours. somehow i ended up drunk stupid and woke up today with only vague recollections of the later portion of the night.

a couple nights ago i drank one 12oz light beer with dinner and had a heavy buzz. ONE BEER. i have no idea why my body is reacting in such an extreme way to what is really pretty reasonable amounts of alcohol. it's been happening more and more frequently. lame.

kristina's reaction was about the only thing that makes this hangover worth it. well that and the 2 cakes representing what she loves best -- toilet humor and crappy [pun not intended] american beer.


Aug. 15th, 2008 01:48 pm
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i usually get anywhere between 4-6 hours of sleep a night. it's not eloise's fault as she sleeps a 10.5 hour stretch nightly. i just don't know how to get to bed before 1am. today, for the first time in many moons, i allowed myself take an hour long daytime nap. heaven.

we are leaving for the delaware water gap tomorrow. 30 mile canoe trip with overnight camping. i have 4.5 hours to do all the packing, last minute shopping, laundry, and food preparation. ian and i are meeting at pure foods and wine @7pm. maybe drinks with a friend after dinner; maybe not.

also, myles finally e-mailed me back with his phone # in order to set up an appointment for getting inked. i find his work incredible and his style is perfect for re-creating the tattoo i want. i've waited years for the right time to get this one and now is that time. 3 is a good #. i imagine it'll be my last one.
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liam lynch is made of goofy-funny.

alla and i are meeting at all points west festival in a couple hours. alla bought me a ticket as an early birthday present and while crowded outdoor festivals aren't my favorite, andrew bird and radiohead -- YEA.


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