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eloise was playing alone in her room for 10 minutes. i could hear shouts of delight coming from her room and i wondered what she could be enjoying that much since she never plays with her toys. i walk in to find her happily digging her fingers into my brand-new, just-bought, never-used skull shadow box and painting herself, her furniture, and her curtains.

she had her eye on this shadowbox since she noticed it in the bathroom days ago.

i'm riding the train between incredibly irritated and thoroughly amused at how cute she looked with eyeshadow all over her face.


Mar. 24th, 2009 01:49 pm
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i think i need ritalin. instead of writing a response paper which is due in 3 hours, i'm alternating between eavesdropping on inane phone conversations my mom is having with her friends* and answering every question asked in every community i belong to.

*right now they are talking about the perils of living with one shoulder that is slightly lower than the other.
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*nye was lame. i picked up elly's stomach virus and spent most of the evening/night in the bathroom.

*on friday ian and i went to gobo for dinner. i had an appetizer of spring rolls with a spicy honey dip, and a small plate of vietnamese stir-fry [hot spiced tofu, red onion, bell pepper]. ian had new england rolls and a large plate of soy cutlets in black pepper sauce. everything was cooked perfectly; the flavors deep, clean, and fresh. i think i found my new favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

*grades for the fall semester still aren't up, i know i got an A- in one class. waiting for two more grades.

*i need 3 graduate level english courses for my degree. csi is offering only 6 graduate level english courses in the spring -- two workshops (writing/writing about lit), an independent study course, multicultural lit, 19th century english lit, and a classics course. i registered for the multicultural lit class. and the classics which is taught by a professor whom i've had for 2 classes before. he's a quirky old man; knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter. unfortunately, i find that he's incapable of engaging his students in a classroom setting. i'd love to drink a beer with him and talk shakespeare. i don't want to see him every tuesday night for 3.5 hours for 14 weeks.

*my dreamscapes should come with a movie camera. i dream kadain style, nightly.

*itching to go dancing.

*kristina and i are taking agnes to atlantic city for her birthday. it promises to be a corny good time of badly dressed senior citizens, the rainforest cafe, dingy strip-clubs, and hangovers. upon our return, i promise to reconsider my idea of a good time.


Nov. 9th, 2008 08:36 pm
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ian and i played scrabble until 4am last night; eloise woke me up 7:15 AM. i cleaned the apartment, took eloise hat/scarf shopping, met up with agnes for a late lunch and a beer, and now i'm home feeling superbly guilty for wasting a day i should have spent doing school work on doing everything but.


our scrabble game was for stakes. we tied at 240! damnit.

i'd like to break 300 one day.


Jul. 22nd, 2008 01:09 am
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for the zillionth time, today i was reminded of my inability to connect with the majority of the human race. oddly, this reminder was served by 5 different strangers who decided to strike up convesation[s?] with me. trains, streets, stores, parks -- hello! wheredidyougtyourshoes yourbabyisbeautiful doyouhavealight it'sawfullyhotout isthatanambernecklace. they make small talk appear effortless, enjoyable even, while i'm either struggling for words or planning my get-away. ugh. the upside is that rare conversation that falls right into place. i love it.

my feet are killing me from walking downtown from 34th street. anything to avoid a rush hour subway station. that aside, elly and i had a long, fun, busy day.

ian and i had a fight. sometimes i want to pack my bags and leave. i always end up feeling dirty when i blog about any negativity in our relationship, so i never bother.

my eye is twitching. i'm not going to buy a pack of smokes. i'm not going to buy a pack of smokes. maybe i am . it's that kind of night.
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it's really hot in the apartment. i'm hanging around half-naked, making tomato sauce from scratch while elly plays with empty plastic containers at my feet. the smell of fresh basil and oregano saturate the heavy summer air. huxley is lounging in the hallway. ian should be home any moment.

dinner = fresh mozzarella/vine tomatoes/basil salad and whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and roasted garlic.

i'm going to stalk goodmama prints tonight. afterward we'll watch persepolis*. sometimes everything is right.

*hopefully it'll be a better movie than "juno" of last night's movie night. yea, it had its moment, but all in all -- what a load of over-written rubbish!


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