Jan. 28th, 2009 02:57 pm
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last weekend we borrowed a friend's truck and with the help of another couple of friends we moved half our belongings to the new place. ian, agnes, sashi, and i painted most of the new apartment in one day. i'll be doing the living room alone tomorrow.

it feels like despite moving a good portion of our crap, we are still living among boxes, larger boxes, more boxes, vacant bookshelves, dirty comforters, and dust bunnies. every table surface is covered with packing tape and random odds & ends. my OCD is raging.

it's bookrush for college textbook sellers -- one of the two times a year when ian has to work 12 hours days instead of 10-3. i barely see him and he doesn't have time during the week to help with the move. to juggle classes, packing, cleaning and painting the new apartment i have to keep dropping eloise off at my parents. she doesn't sleep well there and with all the shuffling back and forth it takes her a bit of time to adjust to being back home.

my father dropped her off last night after i came home from school. we woke up, ate breakfast, watched some signing time, took a bath together, and went to a music together class with my neighbor and her daughter. some semblance of a routine. now i'm packing elly's bag and dropping her off at my parent's before tonight's class. she'll be staying with them until monday morning. by then, we'll be moved and [mostly] unpacked.

i miss my kid, my ian, and the comfort of our home.
counting down the days...
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last week we signed a 2 year lease on our new place.

it's the 2nd floor of a private house, 4 blocks down from where we are currently residing. i really would have liked to get out of this neighborhood, however - a. it's one of the few remaining brooklyn neighborhoods that's safe and affordable, b. it's easy for me to get to school from here and i don't want to deal with transferring, and c. elly didn't get a spot in CSI daycare [waiting list]. this is the best location for easy babysitting access for family/friends.

i'm really uncomfortable with planning ahead, but the "plan" is to stay at the new place for 4 years. at that point our relocation options will open up greatly as we'll have 2 incomes to work with.

details )

there's so much to do in the next few weeks.


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