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today my parents are leaving for 9 days in st. maarten. i don't begrudge them time off and it would be none of my business when they chose to go on their holidays was it not for one thing -- we have an agreement that they'll take care of eloise while i'm in school. this wasn't something i asked for. when i was applying to grad school my mother volunteered her free baby-sitting services. i accepted the offer because aside from college daycare [an issue i can't stand to bitch about again], it was the only feasible way for us to assure childcare without accumulating copious debt.

the times that i need their help the most are around midterms and finals. this academic year they went away in december [finals], end of march [midterms], and now may [finals]. i'm pretty sure my mom went to boston during fall midterms as well.

they know i rely on them for childcare and the fact that they choose to go away every time i need them most says to me that either a. they don't give a shit or b. it's a power-trip.

yesterday i was speaking to mom.
mom: i can't believe i have to go on vacation now. we think your grandpa might have cancer. the doctors are doing a biopsy tomorrow. while we are gone, don't forget that you have elderly grandparents here.
me: ....

she has to take a vacation? on what planet are vacations something that we have to do? and the grandparent guilt trip is ridiculous. yea, they are my grandparents, but they are her parents. never mind that she's dropping me w/out childcare during the toughest part of the semester.

perhaps i expect too much.


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