May. 10th, 2009


May. 10th, 2009 06:54 am
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eloise woke up at 5:16am today, bright eyed and bushy tailed, asking for breakfast.

now i really wish i didn't stay up until 4am drinking rum & cokes and playing wii sports with ian, but she never gets up this early, ever. this must be her mother's day gift to moi. yay.

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i pulled eloise's dirty diaper off and said -- "let's go to the bathroom to wash up." i went in ahead of her; she follows me in a minute later, naked, with sunglasses on, screaming -- "SUNNY DAY!"

perhaps if she keeps up the entertainment this morning, i won't turn her in for a new & improved 9am-wake-up-time model.
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 may 10th, 2009. 96/365.
+ lush from the UK coop arrived!

- today was horrible.

- i'm exhausted and skipping w4d3 of c25k today. will do it tomorrow. week 5 will be killer.

- when i come back from my run i'll work on a final paper for my biblical & classical backgrounds lit class. it's only 4 pages/2 sources but it's one of the more challenging papers i have to write because i have almost no background knowledge on the subject. i never took a classical or biblical lit class. i never read milton or dante or virgil or homer and never before did i have to examine lit from a biblical or classical perspective. my professor is an interesting man, passionately well-versed in the subject area; unfortunately, this is a high level english course and, perhaps justifiably, he expects students in the class to have a solid foundation to base their written work on. he doesn't teach, he guides. this class pokes directly at my weak spot -- anything written pre-19th century [shakespeare is an exception]. i feel compelled to justify myself, to scream that this is not my area of expertise, that i know far more about realism, romantiscism, naturalism, modernism, ---ism, but really, what an enormous weak spot it is.

- final assessment projects due tuesday. 18 page paper due on wednesday.

+ i'm not taking summer courses. 3 months of brain freedom coming up. perhaps i'll dabble into classics in my spare time.

+ my daughter is pure joy.


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