Apr. 28th, 2009

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i didn't expect the rangers to go all the way this season with their lackluster offense and abysmal power play but i am pretty shocked that they blew a 3-1 lead and allowed the caps to win 3 games straight. very disappointing... i want to bitch about the first goal the caps scored tonight, on second thought however, what's the point? fluke or not, a goal is a goal and in the end nothing matters but the numbers on the scoreboard.

i'm curious about what will happen in the off-season. there are guys who are just not performing at the level that's expected of them -- naslund, drury, and redden must go. gomez is a hit and miss and if he doesn't step up, he needs to go too. i like gomez a lot, and drury, despite having the personality of a rock, seems like a good guy, but guess what! these guys don't get paid to be nice. mostly, i wish sather would get the boot. how many more misses will he get before the owners decide that his edmonton glory years are over. the guy doesn't know how to put a team together. period.

the only thing that makes the end of the ranger season a little easier is the CRAZY loss the devils had to endure in their game 7. leading 3-2 with under 2 minutes left is not a sure bet for winning but it's damn close to a win, or at least overtime. aaaaaaaaannnnnd the devils blew it when pompous asshat marty allowed 2 goals in the last 1:50. that was the most insane end to a playoff game that i have seen in 20 years of watching hockey.



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