Mar. 13th, 2009

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[ profile] thesaturdaygirl gave me 5 things she associates with me. if you'd like to write about 5 things i associate with you, leave a comment.

old devil moon: odm was one of my favorite places to dine in in nyc. it's not that the food was the height of culinary experience, although it was pretty darn good southern fare. it became a dining staple over the last decade because of that well-worn, well-loved vibe i felt every time i step foot inside. i loved the year round christmas lights, the deer heads, the mismatched ensemble of posters and thrift store knick-knacks adorning the walls. i loved people watching -- the large crowds occupying the entire middle table during sunday brunch; the couples engaged in conversation, the lone diner reading over their plate of jambalaya. i rarely made a plan to go to odm, yet, somehow, i'd end up there many a summer night; sitting by the open windows, no air-conditioning, a cold beer, talking and laughing and laughing and talking with friends/ghosts/family. many a dark winter i'd run in for a quick bite and a slice of pie... all my memories of odm are suffused with calm contentedness and i'm truly sad to see it gone.

cloth-diapering: the decision to cloth-diaper was made largely for the beneficial environmental factors but we definitely considered the economical factors a nice perk. once we started CDing, i fell in love with cloth. it was really darn cute, functional, and worked nicely with my wool addiction. when we moved last month we had to sell our little portable washer used to wash cloth diapers for the first 20 months of elly's life. i also sold a good portion of our diaper stash and am planning to unload the rest over the next few months. we mostly use earth best's disposables now, with an occasional cloth-diaper thrown in. i was somewhat reluctant to go disposable, but without home access to a washing machine and FT classes, i really don't have the time to CD anymore. we CDed for 20 months and i'm pleased that thousands of diapers eloise had used in that time are 1. not laying in a landfill somewhere and 2. went on to be used by another family.

walks in the snow: i grew up in western ukraine, in a small city situated at the foothills of the carpathian mountains where annual precipitation was/is over 60 inches. some of that precipitation was rain, a large portion of it was a constant blanket of snow covering the streets from december into march. it was relatively cold with temperatures dipping into well below zero (celsius), there was little wind. brisk cold air and white as far as your eye could see. main streets were generally plowed after snow-storms. the secondary streets were not. the city had a good public transportation system and over half the population didn't own cars. young children were pulled around town on sleds. walks in the snow pretty much sums up the first 10 winters of my life -- my father pulling me all bundled up in my sled as we headed to kindergarten/store/the park/grandmother's house; walking to destination x all winter long through 2 feet of snow, endless snowball fights; ice-skating on the people-made rink at the small playground right outside my building. my sled and snowshoes were a permanent fixture in our hallway during the winter months. whenever we get a good snowstorm in nyc, i feel at home.

baby haircuts: eloise hair is totally business in front, party in the back. it's fine and curly, and she gets the most insane bedhead i've ever seen. she'll probably have unmanageable hair that will drive her nuts when she's older [inherited from moi], but i love it. it's rock n' roll and refuse to give her a haircut despite constant nagging by my parents. otherwise, i'm pretty indifferent to baby haircuts with the exception of baby mohawks and fohawks which are really cute.

regina spektor: some time in between soviet kitsch and begin to hope, jenna suggested i listen to "lacrimosa". i did and immediately devoured anything else of hers i could get my hands on. off-beat perfection, lyrically and musically. i love that she wrote a song called "baobabs", a literary reference to my favorite book of all-time -- "the little prince" and i enjoy all the nyc references in her songs as well. it wasn't until fairly recently that i found out how similar our backgrounds are: russian jews, same age, immigrated in 1989 via austria and italy, moms are musicians. this doesn't add or detract from her music in any way, it just does make me feel connected to the music in a delusive immigrant fashion.


Mar. 13th, 2009 11:56 pm
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march 13th, 2009. 37/365
butterfly exhibit @ the museum of natural history.


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