Mar. 9th, 2009

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this weekend we were supposed to have a housewarming party. donna ended up being unable to take sprout for the night and with sprout's room being so close to the kitchen [people inevitably end up congregating in kitchens during parties] and the bathroom, we decide that having 20+ people in the house until wee morning hours wasn't a good idea. i sent out a cancellation on friday. 10 minutes later the e-mails and phone calls started pouring in. alex e-mailed saying that him and adge insist on coming by, party or not. sashi called me saying he planned his entire weekend around seeing us. alla called saying she'll come by for a couple hours because she misses us. i didn't mind 4-5 people coming by as we often have a few friends over on the weekends and it doesn't disturb eloise in the least. to make a long story short, despite the cancellation, by the time everyone came by with friends and significant others in tow, we still ended up having a mini-party.

sprout stayed up until 10[!] hamming it up for the crowd. after we put her to bed for the night, we basically sat around the living room until 4am playing mafia and cranium pop 5. the board game nerdom in this house is out the roof. alex, adge, alla, and sashi were all too drunk to go home; they crashed here. on sunday i woke up with a wicked hangover to find out that adge got up with eloise in the morning [those 2 are in love], alex already walked huxley [those 2 are not in love], and in my less than sober state i gave sashi a towel instead of a blanket before going to bed. apparently he took it from me, thanked me, and as soon as i went to bed he folded up the towel and took a blanket from erica's room. ha.

sunday ended up with more of the same. we hung around the house all day, drinking beer, eating crappy take-out, and playing balderdash. everyone left late last night.

my body feels absolutely wrecked from the weekend debauchery. it's hard to believe that 3 years ago i spend most of my weekends like this, sans the boardgames. today i'm craving veggies and drinking gallons of water.

alex took some really fantastic pictures:


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Mar. 9th, 2009 11:08 pm
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march 9th, 2009. 33/365
ian made some ACEO cards.


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