Feb. 5th, 2009

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i was recently telling ian that the odor reminds me of how i smelled when i was taking fenugreek to boost lactation.

maple syrup odor mystery solved


Feb. 5th, 2009 12:34 pm
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we are moved and [mostly] unpacked. the move wasn't bad at all -- ian, sashi, kevin, and lee moved everything in about 4 hours. best part: u-haul rental + gas = $66. we moved an entire household with some men-force and $66. i'm pretty proud of us for saving a few hundred dollars on movers.

now the only things left to do are organizing the hallway closet, sorting through some random odds & ends, and hanging up the curtain that'll be our bedroom door. we already bought all the hardware, the fabric, and are waiting for erica to put her sewing machine to good use. i can't wait. privacy! sex!

sprout is finally back home after nearly a week with my parentals. i'd volunteer myself for a lobotomy if i had to spend a week with my psychomom. when they dropped her off yesterday poor kid was wearing a onesie, a turtleneck, a sweater, a warm winter coat, cotton tights, jeans, fur-lined booties, a hat, and the jacket hood inside a 60 degree car. she was covered in sweat, her hair soaking wet. my mother also suggested i don't take her outside because it's 20 degrees. not -20, but 20. yea. ok.

i'm gonna make us israeli couscous with shallots and raisins for lunch, then sprout will nap while i watch the new episode of the l word. this might sound like a dull afternoon but there's nothing i'd rather do.

homework can wait.


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