Jan. 14th, 2009

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alex lend me his copy of the glass castle. it came with high praise. i just finished it. eh. i don't mind being at the mercy of someone's memory if there's humor, sensitivity, passion, and/or introspection involved. i do mind it if the presentation is terribly sterile. give me a *little* more than a factual account of your truth. this book read like a medical report of a failed surgical procedure.

i have about 40 pages of "confederacy of dunces" left and time for one, perhaps two, more book(s) before the spring semester takes over my brain. nothing in my disgustingly large unread stash appeals. recommendations?
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it's really frustrating to deal with sprout when her cognitive abilities far exceed her verbal skills. i spend a good portion of our days trying to decipher what it is that she wants while she grows annoyed, screeches, whines, and recites her entire vocabulary hoping that one of the words will end up communicating her desires.

words: mama, daddy, no, yea, doll, baby, apple, banana, cat, ball, car, eye, nose, water, picture [dooda, wth.], bath, and a bunch of animal sounds.

signs: mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, milk, cracker, book, boat, train, plane, bus, bike, cereal, juice, banana, water, eat, sleep, pajamas, shoes, socks, coat, hat, sorry, thank you, please, dog, horse, cat, fish, bird, diaper, wash hands, soap, bath, all done.
i think there are some more i can't remember.

we really need to get the next couple of volumes of baby signing time. it's a sanity saver.


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