Jan. 12th, 2009

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i love this etsy store. the jewelry is gorgeous -- whimsical and surprisingly affordable.

i'm getting these:

then i'm signing out of my etsy account and hopping on the money saving wagon.
no, really.
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A-, B, B+.

i had the same exact grades last semester. 3.3 GPA rut.
for the amount of work i've put in in the fall '08 semester this is a rather disappointing display of mediocrity.
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dad's computer crashed. i took a look at it this morning. the dell diagnostic code made troubleshooting pretty darn easy -- crashed memory module on the system board. i removed the memory card, restarted the computer, and everything is back in working order. logged in. dad's desktop is covered in avi files of the real_female_orgasms variety. logged out promptly.

i realize that fathers are people too, they watch porn, but holy eff, i don't want to know about it. in fact, i think i just threw up in my mouth a little.

this reminds me of when ally went out to dinner with her mom and aunt, came back, then quickly downed a couple cocktails. turns out her mom and aunt decided to have a heart to heart about anal at dinner.

...call me close-minded...
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last week we signed a 2 year lease on our new place.

it's the 2nd floor of a private house, 4 blocks down from where we are currently residing. i really would have liked to get out of this neighborhood, however - a. it's one of the few remaining brooklyn neighborhoods that's safe and affordable, b. it's easy for me to get to school from here and i don't want to deal with transferring, and c. elly didn't get a spot in CSI daycare [waiting list]. this is the best location for easy babysitting access for family/friends.

i'm really uncomfortable with planning ahead, but the "plan" is to stay at the new place for 4 years. at that point our relocation options will open up greatly as we'll have 2 incomes to work with.

details )

there's so much to do in the next few weeks.


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